Overview of wireless vacuum cleaners: 7 best models

Is it possible to love cleaning? At this, it would seem, rhetorical question there was an answer! Cleaning can really bring pleasure, if as an assistant choose the right technique. Down with brooms, mops and rags – it’s time for modern vacuum cleaners: light, maneuverable, powerful, and most importantly, not limiting your movements!

1. Bosch Athlet

BOSCH Athlet

The light and manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner works without recharging for up to 60 minutes. But even if you do not have enough hours, the battery quickly charges and gives you the opportunity to continue working. The weight of the model is 3 kg, the volume of the dust bag is 0.9 l. Suction power – 18-25 W – optimal for cleaning living quarters: sufficient for absorbing dust and debris, and at the same time saving the charge of batteries. The vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with carpets, hard-to-reach places in the house and car interiors. Dust separation system – two-stage, provides complete and irrevocable removal of dirt. The degree of contamination of the filter is monitored by the Sensor Control system – with a special signal, the vacuum cleaner notifies that it is time to clean the container. This is done quite easily – under the stream of water. There is this vacuum cleaner and a self-cleaning system: Sensor Bagless itself watches when it comes time to clean the membrane filter, and does it. In general, this is an excellent helper, allowing you to effectively clean up the house, while not requiring special care for yourself.

2. Dyson Animal Pro

A wireless vacuum cleaner with a double cyclone filter amazes with its futuristic look. But design – not its main point, where workability is more important. This is the novelty of 2014, which replaced the older model. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 2.3 kg, the volume of the dust collector is 0.35L, the suction power is 65W. Battery life without recharging – 20 minutes. The vacuum cleaner is maximally equipped with a high-power electric brush (20 W), a mini electric brush, a slotted nozzle for hard-to-reach places, a combined nozzle for upholstered furniture and polished surfaces, and a lightweight extension tube. This is an excellent choice for those who have pets: with such a vacuum cleaner you can not be afraid to carry your favorite dog in the car or let the cat sleep on the couch!

3. Electrolux Rapido

Miniature manual model for quick cleaning. Its length is only 40 cm, weight – less than 1.5 kg. At the same time, the volume of the dust collector is quite large – 0.5 liters. The operating time until the battery is completely discharged is 12 minutes. The fact that it’s time to recharge the battery, reports a special blue indicator. The manufacturer made a bet on ergonomics: a comfortable soft handle does not slip, many positions and attachments can significantly increase the productivity and cleaning area. Rapido is the only hand-held vacuum cleaner with wheels. Such “know-how” facilitates the load on the hand, improves the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner, does not allow the sucking of thin coatings, for example tablecloths on the table during the harvesting of crumbs. This is a universal device for maintaining the house, and the kitchen – in particular, in its pure form.

4. Handover Plus

German vacuum cleaner of exquisite design is presented in several bright colors, which distinguishes it from the background of similar models. Appearance is combined with excellent internal characteristics, as for the “baby” weighing 0.6 kg. Thanks to the innovative Flip & Flap brush, this assistant can easily assemble even the smallest powders, like flour or sugar. There is also a separate nozzle for suction of liquids. The optimized HEPA filter provides the maximum level of filtration, and the new Nickel Metal Hydrate batteries have a twice longer life and are recyclable. Handy Plus takes care of the cleanliness not only of the house, but also of the environment.

Criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner for a parquet board

To determine what kind of vacuum cleaner is needed to clean the parquet or parquet boards, you need to know what to look for when buying it.

Vacuum cleaner with wheels having soft rubber protectors. Suction power. It is better to give preference to a vacuum cleaner, which has a higher indicator of this parameter. It’s connected with in that the unit must be able to remove dust not only with an even surface, but also from narrow gaps remaining at the joints of the boards.

A vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function for a varnished coating, it must be able to completely collect water. In this case, power also plays a primary role.

5. LG CordZero Bedding

This assistant, weighing 1.8 kg, specializes in upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses. LG’s latest development, presented at IFA 2014 – CordZero Bedding removes particles of dirt, moreover – fights against allergens and dust mites. All this thanks to the special technology Dual Punch – “tapping” surfaces at a speed of 8 thousand times per minute. Together with a powerful suction and a three-stage purification system, it serves as a guarantee of healthy sleep and a microclimate in the room. Hygienic purity is enhanced by the built-in UV sterilization – dust, smells, bacteria, there is simply no chance of survival! In addition, caring for the vacuum cleaner itself is simple – the container is cleaned with just one touch of the One Touch button.

6. Philips PowerPro Duo

Philips PowerPro Duo

Wireless vacuum cleaner type “2 in 1” provides excellent cleaning results for all types of coatings. PowerCyclone technology performs cleaning in two stages. The first – a stream of air with particles of dust and dirt enters the PowerCyclone. Second – the rapid circulation of air causes dust particles to settle in the cyclonic chamber. This vacuum cleaner has the same suction power as conventional models operating from the outlet. At the same time it works up to 40 minutes without recharging. The special nozzle with the electric drive TriActive Turbo excellently cleans hard floor coverings and carpets, removes even the slightest villi and wool. The product has an eco-passport. Weight – 2.9 kg.

7. Samsung Flex Slim

Alternative version of the hybrid model of vertical and manual vacuum cleaners. The model weighs, like the previous one, 2.9 kg. The battery life is 29 minutes, the volume of the dust bag is 0.5 liters. The vacuum cleaner is quite compact among, the winning model against the background of vertical “brethren”, the convenient shape of the handle, the stable parking. In general, he does his job well and is easily cleaned of debris after it. True, it does not have a charging indicator and only one speed of operation.